Structural engineering

Structural engineering

Structural engineering – the backbone of building projects

Calculating the statics of a building is an elementary engineering service. A structural engineering plan ensures that the construction conceived by the architect is sound and meets the requirements of its designated usage.

Structural engineering is teamwork: Engineers and structural planners work closely together with architects to meet structural, economical and aesthetic requirements. Here, Kling Consult supervises building projects in redevelopment as well as planning new buildings of all kinds. Next to private projects, the structural engineering team takes on public assignments like hospitals or schools.

Low-impact measures and careful planning

For existing buildings, expert reports are generated to analyse the state of the support structure and find proposals for possible redevelopment measures. If renovations are needed, the structural engineering department will attempt to leave the bearing structure in its original state. If this is not possible due to changed norms like fire prevention, the team, together with the client, will search for solutions that are as resource-efficient, economical and sustainable as possible.

For new buildings, a solid substructure as well as choosing suitable building materials plays a central role and influences the creation of a structural engineering plan significantly. Special foundations are a special form of civil engineering and belong to the portfolio of the structural engineering department as much as the creation of expert reports and façade engineering.

Standard-conforming structural engineering

The preparation of a structural engineering plan contains, apart from the statics of a building, the calculation of the lifespan of the support structure as well as the compliance with standards like fire prevention, noise protection and thermal insulation. The structural engineering department sees that all standards and regulations are taken into account and prepares the structural plan accordingly.