Architecture – Profitability, sustainable efficiency in balance with aesthetic design

Architecture is referred to as the supreme discipline of construction. The outer appearance of a building and the layout of the interior spaces are vital for a memorable impact and the acceptance of public and business structures. The inter-divisional collaboration between architects and engineers at Kling Consult ensures a successful course of building construction projects. Relying on expertise from hundreds of projects, the architecture team at Kling Consult designs and plans appealing and solid buildings of all kinds. The project team implements all current standards, construction regulations and guidelines and responds to the specific requirements of the client. The focus lies on the balance between functionality, design and profitability.

Competence in industrial construction and public buildings

The architecture department defines its working focus based on the following fields:

  • Commercial construction and industrial construction: In collaboration with the in-house engineering departments, functional, attractive drafts for commercial and industrial structures are created. In doing so, the emphasis is to implement the possible in an appealing and modern way.
  • Public buildings: Especially for institutions with lots of public business like hospitals or schools, it’s essential to plan according to norms and at the same time create interior layouts where visitors and staff can navigate easily and feel comfortable. The requirements are high and always a new challenge, especially with buildings in the medical sector.
  • Hotel construction and hospitality: Also in the hotel industry there’s a large number of guidelines that have to be met when planning hospitality areas – guidelines that are basic knowledge in the architecture department. Various projects in hospitality and hotel construction can vouch for this know-how.
  • Building redevelopment: The tasks in building redevelopment are diverse and complex. From modernizing old residential houses over modern attachments to old structures and especially with listed buildings, the team of architects at Kling Consult has the necessary expertise at command in planning and implementing as well as in approval management.

Monitoring costs – or theentire project as general planner

In theirfunction as consultants, the architects at Kling Consult are on hand for theclient in every phase of the building project for optimizing processes and definingclear goals. The team also offers support with creating schedules and costsprojections and is able to take over the role of a general planner, ifrequired.