Team Subsoil Creates Basic Documentations for Specialist Planners and Owners

Subsoil is defined as the underground on which a building is constructed. It is the ground including all substances, also contaminated sites, which is influenced by the construction site. Before the start of any building measure a geotechnical report needs to be done to verify and evaluate the ground’s sustainability. The geotechnical report also delivers the basic documentation to which special planners, architects, and owners need to react. This is how a durable building can be created.

Subsoil – an Important Element for Further Executions

Kling Consult is known for the effective cooperation within the different departments of the planning office. The team subsoil is composed of construction engineers and geologists, and has a laboratory for soil mechanical examinations. One primary task is the determination of fundamentals for construction projects. Also, the determination of contaminated sites on behalf of public and private clients is part of the orders. To exclude noxious substances from the subsoil’s components the determination of contaminated sites is highly important. Hydrogeological investigations give information about the interplay of groundwater and soil composition.

Team Subsoil’s Internal Networking

There’s a close connection between team subsoil and development planning. The latter is responsible for use and development plans. For further plans the specialist planners need a detailed presentation of the subsurface structure of the envisaged areas, as well as a survey of possible contaminated sites. A report of the subsoil of contaminated sites records measurements and analyses. It also lays the groundwork for further calculations in structural planning. What is the grain size distribution like? How high is the soil compaction? Is a special foundation necessary? Those questions are the working base for civil engineering; streets have to be founded on strong ground to maintain their position under daily, extremely heavy loads.

Kling Consult’s own Laboratory for Subsoil Investigations

To ensure a fast performance of soil mechanical and field technical reports, the planning office has its own laboratory. This is where soil samples are subject to control of several layer investigations. Furthermore, the team has machineries for small ramming drilling as well as dynamic probing.

Weitere Subsoil Kompetenzen