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Building without risk

Is the building ground for the planned building stable? What interactions can occur between the building, the building ground, groundwater and neighbouring houses? Is the property polluted or is it even on a contaminated site? And how do I deal with the resulting excavated soil?

All these questions must be answered before planning a construction project in order to clarify under which conditions the property can be built on at all. Later construction delays due to insufficient Planning reliability and unforeseeable additional costs are thus avoided.


What we do

Our Team Subsoil Institute consists of civil engineers, geologists and environmental engineers who create with the exploration of the basic subsoil documentations for specialist planners and building owners:

  • Contaminated site report
  • Subsoil expertise
  • Engineering geological reports
  • Hydrogeological surveys

The team also takes care of the

  • Planning of groundwater development
  • Identification and elimination of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Determination of building pollutants
  • Development of groundwater models in 2D
  • Implementation of water law proceedings
  • Building fabric assessment

With the help of small pile-driving drillings as well as dynamic probing, the necessary data is obtained and then transferred to in our in-house soil mechanics laboratory.


We are state-accredited

Our team Subsoil Institute has certificates of competence according to TRGS 519, BGR 128 (appendix 6A and 6B) and is certified by German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for soil and waste sampling.

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Peter Burghard
Teamleader Subsoil Institute

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