Spatial Planning

The Base for all Public Planning and Construction Approvals

The Spatial Planning team works on all planning levels at state and municipal level in Germany: from the cross-municipal and cross-state ("informal") sub-space survey, care concept or development study to the detailed (binding) implementation plan. The focus is on the goal of regional planning in a targeted manner: the planned and ecological, social, economic and sustainable development and safeguarding of our living space, taking into account the various social interests, conflicts and concerns as well as the ability to implement the projects. For this purpose, concepts and plans are prepared for municipalities, cities and private investors.


What we do

Our spatial planning team consists of geographers, landscape architects, state administrators, spatial planners and biologists who work on area planning, open space planning and spatial planning procedures:

  • Land-use plans (preparatory urban land-use planning)
  • Development plans (binding urban land-use planning)
  • Project-related land-use plans
  • Regional development concepts (ROEK)
  • Urban development concepts (SEK)
  • Rural development concepts (LEK)
  • Model processes incl. moderation
  • Documents for regional planning procedures
  • Urban development concepts and framework plans
  • Feasibility studies

The team also prepares the corresponding expert reports and studies:

  • Expert opinions on the special species conservation law examination (saP)
  • Environmental reports
  • Green space plans
    Landscape conservation support plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • FFH Studies
  • Landscape development concepts
  • Landscape plans
  • Landscape structure plans
  • Sound expertises (industrial noise, leisure noise, road traffic noise)
  • River development plans
  • River structure mapping
  • Open space planning
  • Approval Management
  • Care and development plans
  • Ecological construction supervision/environmental construction supervision
  • Implementation agreements
  • Ecological special reports


Public participation necessary

It is important that affected citizens are already involved in the planning of a construction project. Therefore, our team takes care of the preparation, implementation and documentation of public participation. Depending on the project, citizen participation, citizen events or even citizen forums are organised.

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Team Spatial Planning

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