Safety and Health Protection

Safety and Health Protection

Safety and Health Protection on Construction Sites

To adhere deadlines on construction sites and ensure the safety of the workers it is necessary that the builder appoints a health and safety coordinator (H&S coordinator). This is a required measure when more than one trade operates on one construction site. The H&S coordinator’s work is defined by § 3 of the building site regulation. Corresponding to that he advises the owner. Owners can be building authorities, municipalities, or construction companies.

Tunnel and Cavern Construction is Kling Consult’s Specialty

Kling Consult’s team construction management/safety and health protection (SIGE) is specialized in site management and local site supervision of public buildings; especially of tunnel and cavern constructions. Internal and efficient communication is one of the features of the planning office. Structure planning is being consulted for buildings to examine the statics, the refitting of tunnels is supported by the team subsoil assessments to create an expert opinion, and the preservation of evidence is performed by authorized experts. The team of architects is responsible for creative and aesthetic aspects of the building process.

The Process of Safety and Health Protection

The safety and health coordination on a construction site runs according to a firm concept created in 1998. Kling Consult has been using the concept since 1999. First, the construction site needs to be registered at least 14 days before construction starts; either by the trade supervisory board or by the government. Before construction starts, the H&S coordinator creates a safety and health protection plan, which is forwarded to the client and the contractor, and shall be prominently displayed in the place of work. For later works, a document is written, which describes every single security measure for subsequent maintenance of the building. After the safety and health protection plan has been created and the persons recorded in the contract informed about the plan, the workers receive a security briefing. The construction supervision is performed in regular intervals. When it comes to huge construction sites site regulations are included in the contract. This is where the rules of conduct are laid down. Kling Consult’s health and security coordinators have long-term and specialized experience in this field of work.

Necessary Certification for Safety and Health Coordination

To receive the qualification of being a health and safety coordinator, it is necessary to complete training for this field of action, or to have more than three years of professional experience. Especially public clients have a high interest in these certificates. Kling Consult’s team for construction management attends trainings on a regular basis. These trainings contain information about the security on construction. The team has significant references in the fields of building construction and civil engineering, as well as specialties such as pipelines, bridge and tunnel construction.

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