General Planning

Planning from one source

If the client decides on a general planner, the main criterion for the decision is to have only one contractual and contact person. This person takes over the entire planning, coordination and management of the construction project. This reduces the liability risk as well as the administration and coordination effort for the client.


What we do

In the role of general planner, Kling Consult is present in every phase of a construction project - from the initial idea to the handover of the building. We take on all planning tasks from contract initiation to invoicing, including economic, technical and time coordination as well as the integration and monitoring of all partners involved. With a central contact person, we thus meet the client's wish to reduce the complexity of the planning process.

  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Public buildings
  • Hotel construction and gastronomy
  • Construction in existing contexts


Established internal network

Our ten specialist departments work closely together - short and well-established internal communication channels therefore lead to fast and sustainable solutions. For example, the Civil Engineering takes care of development planning, the Subsoil Institute ensures economic disposal concepts for the soil and the Spatial Planning checks the legal and ecological compatibility with other uses of space. The architect coordinates the entire team as project Manager and is the sole contact person for the client. The client can rely on competent support from Kling Consult and does not have to deal with delays or unforeseeable difficulties through no fault of his own.

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Stefan Hafner
Teamleader General Planning | Controlling | Finance

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