Civil Engineering

New construction of the parking lot of the Allgäu barracks, Füssen

Staatliches Bauamt Kempten

Programming period
2020 - 2021

Scope of service

In the future, the vehicles will be parked on paved parking spaces, and the driveways will be asphalted. In order to meet the requirements of winter road maintenance, the curbs were built flush with the surface. In continuation of the property-related wastewater concept, surface drainage via swales and two gravel trenches was planned and approved. The park rows are interrupted by single tree plantings. In order to promote sustainability and minimize material consumption, the frost-proof road structure was constructed exclusively from material extracted on site (Lech gravel). For this purpose, soil with fewer fine grains was taken from the deeper layers and mixed with material with larger fine grains in an appropriate ratio. In this way, no new frost-proof soil has to be removed or transported to the site.

Your contact person

Bernhard Betzl
Teamleader Civil Engineering