Civil Engineering

Complete support in all areas of civil engineering

Channel planning for rainwater and sewage, building of water pipelines, road construction or even the entire development planning for small and large-scale projects are all specialties of the civil engineering department of Kling Consult. Recalculation of already existing water supply networks or the new construction of such networks is an everyday task. Other services of civil engineering are:

  • Rainwater drainage
  • General drainage plans
  •  Determination of (integral) flood protection
  •  Management of water permits (for nuclear power plants)
  •  Road construction measures

Conservation is an important issue in all areas of civil engineering. Based on expert reports and the evaluation of old maps and documents, conservation areas are determined. The planning of civil engineering measures take them into account and routes are shifted accordingly. Also, ecological compensatory measures are taken.

Water permits for nuclear power plants

For years, Kling Consult has been specializing in performing water permits for nuclear power plants. In all of Bavaria, Kling Consult looks after all power plants including the “reactor egg” in Munich. The provisions for the “usage of water” which contain regulations for withdrawal and return of water are known to the team. These permits warrant for the unpolluted return out of the nuclear power plant into public waters.

Internal networking of the civil engineering team with other departments of Kling Consult

The planning office is well-known for its internal and efficient communication between the different departments. This also affects the civil engineering team. If working on development measures, they collaborate closely with the spatial planning department. Like this, well thought out and optimized development areas emerge for residential buildings or industrial and commercial buildings. The collaboration with the architecture and surveyor teams also produces high-quality results. To create the foundation for flood protection and determine flood areas, the subsoil team creates appropriate reports. Measures like these can cause the construction of angle supporting walls, where the structure planning department is appointed with planning and calculating them. Short internal communication channels lead to faster solutions for clients and the civil engineering team at Kling Consult.

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