Authorized Experts

Authorized Experts and the Evaluation of Damages to Buildings

When private individuals or owners of industrial properties notice damages in the form of cracks in the walls, in the plaster, mould formations, or thermal breakages, they instruct an authorized expert for a consult. During the on-site inspection he evaluates the damages, which have occurred before or during the building process, or in existing buildings. Being an objective qualified personnel Kling Consult’s authorized experts not only detect construction defects, but also give advice on different building services. Further services include:

  • Preservation of evidence
  • Property valuation
  • Construction-related quality supervision
  • Acceptance of construction works
  • Reports (for private clients, courts, and insurances)
  • Conformity checks
  • Confirmation of the current building status


Internal Network for Evaluating general building defects

One of Kling Consult’s specialties is the internal networking of the different teams. Qualified personnel from the areas of architecture, subsoil, civil engineering, development planning, structural planning, surveying, and authorized experts are consolidated, enabling short communication channels and a broad network of qualified staff for the clients. It is thus possible that the authorized experts can refer to the knowledge and experience of the colleagues to cover any of the client’s interest. A ground laboratory, belonging to Kling Consult, enables detailed soil investigations. In terms of statics, structural engineers support the authorized experts with their know-how.


Legal and Private Reports to Determine General Building Defects

Kling Consult develops both private and legal reports. Therefore, publicly appointed and inaugurated experts work for the planning office. They are personally commissioned with the work of expert court testimonies. Kling Consult’s authorized experts have an advisory function of the district courts of Memmingen, Augsburg, Ulm, and Kempten.

Besides legal and private reports, the authorized experts accept the audit of insurance claims such as flood damage, explosion damage, water pipe damage, and the evaluation of ramming damage.

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