Overall rehabilitation Clinical Centre Augsburg (Germany)

Project data

  • Client Klinikum Augsburg
  • Planning 2005 - 2018 (Gesamtauftrag inkl. Erweiterung West)
  • Investment 197,3 Mio. €

Project scope

Description of project

Refurbishment carried out while continued operation
of the hospital was guaranteed.

Refurbishment central operating theatre
Construction VIP-ward
New building for PET-CT
Refurbishment central sterilization ward
New built paediatric clinic
New built intermediate operations theatre
New built endoscopic surgery

Services rendered

  • Structural engineering and supervision
  • Proof of fire resistance rating
  • Structural fire protection


Matthias Mika

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Mika

Axel Krauß

Dipl.-Ing. Axel Krauß